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  How to be good Babysitter
  So many families are looking desperately for babysitters and get overwhelmed by the huge numbers of babysitters out there. How do they know who to trust? What will make you stand out? What will make you a good babysitter, someone a family will want to employ?
Babysitting is a great way to earn some extra money in your own time whilst not disrupting your regular schedule. Many youngsters start babysitting in their school years as a way to make some extra pocket money but it cannot be forgotten; babysitting is also a huge responsibility. The best way to prepare yourself for any eventuality is by participating in a fist aid or CPR course. Hopefully you will never have to use what you learn in class but it is always better to be prepared for the worst, as when the parents go out, you will be in sole charge of one or more children.
Here are our babysitter tips to make you a babysitter that any family would want to hire:
  • If at all possible arrange to meet the children before you begin working as their babysitter. It can be very scary for a child to have a strange person in the house no matter how good you are with children.
  • Establish in this first meeting rules, discipline and bedtime guidelines
  • If at all possible prior to starting work familiarize yourself with the children(s) bedtime routine; do the children have a drink, a bath, a book before bed?
  • Always be on time. Parents are going out and may need to explain things to you before they leave. You do not want to start off on the wrong foot and make them late.
  • Once parents leave the house check that the door is locked securely as a safety measure.
  • Always keep an eye on the children to make sure they are safe at all times
  • Always keep a list of emergency telephone contacts and numbers at hand.
  • Always respect the house you are in. Keep it clean, tidy and do not invite any guests over without prior consent from the parents.
  • If you are looking after babies, check and change diapers whenever needed.

There are many more things you will learn as you gain experience and confidence as a babysitter. Always remember to be mature, and use your common sense and in no time you will be a great babysitter that any family would love to hire. To begin your babysitter journey right now check out is the #1 source for families looking to hire just the right babysitter and for babysitters looking for just the right family

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